Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little about INKSPIRATION...

"Don't judge Art, it could be you"
Inkspiration is a label for integrated designs. Designs, illustrations and artwork come together, on all sorts of material and matter, with the single most motive of making sense to someone, anyone, maybe you.
What started as an impulse, is now initiated wholeheartedly by Gautam A Gajbar, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Putting the odds aside, leaving the norms behind and chasing a dream is the notion in which this company began.
The crow of Inkspiration represents the common man, the glory of a nobody and the beauty of simplicity.
This label is just a small way of helping you discover who you are, represent what you believe in or become what you like.


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  2. hey gautam really cool stuff man, really like ur sketches wish u all d best.... :)Dhara