Tuesday, April 3, 2012

sifted already!!! Checkout the new blog

Hell(oo) everyone just wanted to let
guys know that inkspiration blog will be shutting soon
but already a new blog has been started here is the link

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

INKSPIRATION introduces a unique illustration and design style and integrates it with fashion, to finally give clothing an interesting twist! The above is a collage of various sketch styles by artist Gautam A Gajbar, who started the label in 2008.

Monday, March 15, 2010

IN LINES, Illustrations the book

It all begins when a pencil or pen touches the paper this book is all about that feeling. I always try to capture my thoughts or my ideas on paper before they get lost somewhere inside my head. I find my self lucky that I can draw and paint and sketch things that surround me and record them through my illustrations and then connect with other people. All my drawings and writings in this book are a collage of personal experiences but I believe some of the art works are quite simple and people can connect to it visually, as colors and scribbled pencil lines are never bound to any particular language. My work in this book is a response to human emotions, attitude and movements. This book is experience of my evolution as a person who loves art, music and life and who likes to draw just for fun.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The Kala Ghoda Festival of Arts, is one of Mumbai’s oldest art expos, spreading the true colors of Art and Creativity all around town. It's certainly the purest dose of art and entertainment for Mumbaikars. INKSPIRATION was given the chance to showcase its artful side at kala ghoda and the opportunity was grabbed with both hands. To our surprise the stall was highly appreciated by all our visitors and the response for our merchandise was overwhelming. At Kala Ghoda the INKSPIRATION stall had a design flavor of its own, thus attracted people of ages, right from college going kids to grannies and granpa’s Inkspiration also featured Madtrip t-shirts and art merchandise by Manas kunder and Raj Vora’s Sublime tees, friends of Gautam Gajbar, as we are always in for supporting other inspiring and potential designers like ourselves.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little about INKSPIRATION...

"Don't judge Art, it could be you"
Inkspiration is a label for integrated designs. Designs, illustrations and artwork come together, on all sorts of material and matter, with the single most motive of making sense to someone, anyone, maybe you.
What started as an impulse, is now initiated wholeheartedly by Gautam A Gajbar, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Putting the odds aside, leaving the norms behind and chasing a dream is the notion in which this company began.
The crow of Inkspiration represents the common man, the glory of a nobody and the beauty of simplicity.
This label is just a small way of helping you discover who you are, represent what you believe in or become what you like.